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Create a complete navigation inside your page using different tabs. You can choose the name of each of your tabs and even you could change the icon of your tabs thanks to our plugin.

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If your website is Wordpress based simply install our FREE Wordpress plugin.

By installing the free plugin on your website you will be able to content manage 3 tabs / apps on your Facebook page. Any design / content changes you will do within Wordpress will reflect immediately on your Facebook page. You can simply design your Facebook tabs to your liking, and add any content (pictures, slideshows, videos, contact form etc) you like, much like you would do on any page of your website.

So, if you are able to manage your website from Wordpress, you’ll be able to manage your Facebook apps from it too.

Don’t use Wordpress on your website? Not to worry if you don’t . We’ll set you up on our platform and you’ll be much able to do the same thing.

FREE 30 Day Trial
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Option 1: I am using Wordpress on my website

  1. Simply download the free wordpress plugin and install it (Craig, make link to wordpress plugin page)
  2. Start your free 30 days trial. As soon as you registered, we will create 3 tabs on your Facebook page and “hook them up” to your wordpress management page
  3. Simply create your own design and content directly from your wordpress site, the same way as you would do for any page or post, and all your changes will automatically appear on your Facebook tabs.

You can use html and any coding you like (if you are skilled in coding) or simply use the visual editor to add your pictures, videos, text etc. You will be able to name your Facebook tabs as you like.

Option 2: I am not using Wordpress on my website but would still love to be able to manage Facebook apps from a simple interface.

No problem. Register for your free 30 days trial and we will add you to our own platform. You’ll be provided with a login and be able to do exactly the same as the “Wordpress guys” are able to do.

FREE 30 Day Trial
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Manage your Facebook Apps/Tabs from within wordpress.

Do you want to build you “Facebook mini website” with additional bespoke tabs / apps and be able to design and content manage them as you like directly from Wordpress?

Facebook App Management plugin will allow you to design and manage your apps content.



Download and install the wordpress plugin from the Wordpress Plugin Directory. Standard installation process, no bespoke coding needed.


Manage plugin


Control Panel:

Control Panel


Page to edit example:

Page to edit



This plugin is not “template based”. The aim is not to provide “ready to go designs for Facebook apps”. It is a plugin that will help SKILLED web designers to easily design App content for Facebook, and webmasters to manage that content easily and directly from within Worpress.

This plugin is 100% free. If you are also a Facebook developer you will be able to create the apps on Facebook and stream these pages content easily.

If you are not a Facebook developer, we offer the Facebook development service for you, so your pages from this plugin become Apps on Facebook.

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